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POS Printer

Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products such as mobile communication components, computer peripherals, video components, settop boxes, satellite products, Network products.

Target Device: POS Printer

POS printer is being used to meet the high-speed requirements of POS System, Credit Card Authorization, Data Logging, Measuring Equipment, and Kitchen printer needs. POS printer is equipped with standard RS232C serial interface to provide IP connectivity.

Samsung POS Printer


The Internet and very high quality printing techniques are driving interesting new printer trends. In the past, users of POS printer had to choose between POS printer applications (software) or Ethernet connectivity. Ethernet was not built to provide page-level control without middleware, and POS printer was not built for ease of use.

HelloDevice Pro series has been embedded into POS Printer for network-enabling functionality. Embedded device server PS100B (entitled as PS100-SPM), which resides in the “POS Printer” receives print jobs from your host and converts them into IP print jobs to be sent for printing anywhere on your IP network. The PS100B Emulation provides printer-based, Ethernet migration — with little to no change in host programming.

On the other hand Sena’s COM-Port Redirection software, HelloDevice VirtualCOM enables you to use your existing serial communication programs without any modification. If your serial application knows how to connect to a local serial port, it can talk to a remote serial port on PS100B using the HelloDevice VirtualCOM software.

System Diagram

Previous System

New System

Sena Products :

LS100b, SS100b


  • The Serial-Ethernet Interface from the Sena Technologies has been specifically designed for remote printer usage, as well as use in a standard network environment and therefore features many more functions than you would normally expect from a Serial-Ethernet interface.
  • PS100B equipped POS printer remote network, print-management solution that offers the ultimate flexibility in managing enterprise applications.
  • The PS100B will even allow the printer to be remotely interrogated and reconfigured (memory switch change etc.)
  • Lengthy serial cabling can be eliminated using the Ethernet connectivity.
  • Embedded solution, PS100B is an Ideal for sharing network resources
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