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Economic network connectivity

Target Customer:CyberNet is the fastest growing global provider of electronic payment solutions. They design, develop, manufacture and supply electronic payment terminals, peripherals, and software applications for m-commerce, e-commerce, smart card and traditional payments

Target Device: Electronic Payment Terminal in VPN network

Electronic Payment Terminal consists of Magnetic Card Reader, Graphical Display, Keypad, Smart Card Reader and Paper Roll Cover, which will be connected to Payment Authentication Server using Telephone line or Leased Line

Electronic Payment Terminal in VPN network


In the past, Electronic Payment Terminal consisted of Payment terminal, and Payment Authentication Server had been managed with modem via Telephone line. The limitations in this system are less security, and long transaction time.

As a result of growing demand for high-speed data transfer, the use of broadband network such as cable or ADSL is getting more and more popular all over the world even though it is expensive.

On behalf of setting an economical solution in the Electronic Payment System, Sena introduced a cost-effective network-enabling solution LS100 to the retailers whoever are looking to manage the Electronic Payment Terminals securely and economically with the help of the secure VPN environment.

The LS100 in the Virtual Private Network environment is an economical alternative to connect the payment terminals to the expensive leased lines and provides secure data communication over the network with the help of VPN network.




There are a number of reasons to set up the LS100 equipped Electronic Payment terminal in VPN network. The biggest application point by far is the potential cost savings, and the LS100 is the cheapest solution for serial-Ethernet connectivity. As a result, it becomes possible to introduce the network-based credit card payment solution that is faster, easier and economic way for the transaction. Sena has the right solution that best meets the electronic payment needs of multi-lane retailers who prefers to adopt an ‘economical’ solution for the network-based payment solution.

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