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Device Server Wireless


Centri distrubuzione vendite


A warehouse is the center of any retail distribution organization. The fast and accurate tracking of shipments and organization of those shipments is a vital component to any distribution firm.

In order to streamline the warehouse tasks, many companies are turning to upgrade current infrastructures to increase efficiency and speed of various warehousing tasks.

By making use of any one of Sena Technologies serial device servers, distribution centers can take advantage of the flexibility to network enable various warehouse related serial products, and centralize warehouse related data quickly and efficiently.


LS100, LS110, PS110, PS200, PS410, PS810, SS100, SS110, SS400, SS800


  • Low-Cost solutions allowing you to network enable your devices.
  • Flexibility to remotely monitor and control and monitor warehouse related products.
  • Flexibility to place devices throughout the warehouse especially throughout large facilities.
  • Easy to setup and management utilities, for easy maintenance.
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