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Bar Code Scanner Bluetooth


Bar Code Scanner Manufacturer


Using Bar Codes can be an efficient way to keep track of inventory, especially when used in a warehouse. The fast and accurate tracking of shipments and organization of inventory is a vital component to any distribution or retail firm.

In order to streamline tasks, such as shipping, many companies are always looking to upgrade current infrastructures to increase efficiency and speed of shipping and tracking shipped items from a warehouse.

By making use of any one of Sena Technologies Bluetooth serial adapters, warehouses can take advantage of the flexibility Bluetooth enabled bar code to centralize shipment and tracking related data quickly and efficiently.


Parani-SD100, Parani-SD200, Parani-MSP100, Parani-MSP1000A, Parani-MSP1000B, Parani-MSP1000C


  • Low-Cost solutions allowing you to wirelessly communicate with Bluetooth Bar Code Scanners.
  • Flexibility to move about the warehouse space without the limitations of wires.
  • Users can travel up to distances of 1 km with optional antennas.
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