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With the rapid development of network and telecommunication technologies, the infrastructure has rapidly spread to other sectors of the industry. This trend is also further expanding to the retail/POS industry, where
serial communication methods are still most widespread.
Therefore, the efforts to move to a system based on an
open TCP/IP network rather than a RS232-based point-to- point system is discerned in diverse applications, such as connecting to the POS terminal, credit card payment terminals, and barcode scanners to the TCP/IP network.

By introducing low-cost, industry-standard Ethernet and TCP/IP technologies to the retailing/distribution sites, added value such as setup facilitation, lowered costs, system efficiency, as well as prospective added value resulting from interdisciplinary usage and integration of established business systems, is anticipated.

Further, Industrial Bluetooth products such as Bluetooth Serial Adapters, Bluetooth Serial Modules and Bluetooth Access Points are designed to replace RS-232 serial cables with wireless connectivity with advanced options such as Bluetooth 1.2 Protocol Stack that includes Adaptive Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (AFH), software-free configuration support via an external dip-switch, Pairing button for instant configuration of an automatic connection between two Parani devices, and flexible power options.

In Retail/POS industry, they are ideal for applications including bar code scanners, credit card readers, restaurant order and receipt printers.

Application Areas

  • Various applications for retail/POS systems switching from serial communication to TCP/IP and Ethernet

Sena Products

Parani-SD100, Parani-ESD100, Parani-ESD110, Parani-SD200, Parani-ESD200, Parani-ESD210, Parani-MSP100, Parani-MSP1000A, Parani-MSP1000B, Parani-MSP1000C, LS100, LS110, PS110, PS200, PS410, PS810, SS100, SS110, SS400, SS800, STS800, STS1600, Nemo10


  • Considerable cost-reduction and efficiency improvement due to using a shared network instead of Point-To-Point connection.
  • Easier real-time control over devices from a remote site through TCP/IP network.
  • Easier operation environment using various IT technologies such as Internet, Web, and Database Replace modems with PCs.
  • Cost-reduction due to the TCP/IP-oriented, simplified network hierarchy.
  • Easy to establish company ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system by connecting TCP/IP based business system with retail/POS system.
  • Bluetooth Serial products eliminate RS-232 Serial cables and features transmit distance of up to 1 kilometer.

Sena will make efforts to provide the best solution to system integrators and developers through various hardware products and supporting software, which will allow Internet connection of onsite retailing and distribution equipments by utilizing TCP/IP networks.

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