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Medical Automation
The health care industry is one of the most dynamic and dominant industries today. With each year, new and exciting technologies change our understanding of health and illness, and as a consequence, the manner in which health care is provided to us.

As these new technologies emerge and our knowledge grows, the industry changes rapidly. But as the industry changes, the mission remains essentially the same — delivery of health care services to the community.

Sena’s Industrial Bluetooth products such as Bluetooth Serial Adapters, Bluetooth Serial Modules and Bluetooth Access Points are designed to replace RS-232 serial cables with wireless connectivity with advanced options such as Bluetooth 1.2 Protocol Stack that includes Adaptive Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (AFH), software-free configuration support via an external dip-switch, Pairing button for instant configuration of an automatic connection between two Parani devices, and flexible power options.

Application Areas

  • Remote management of the healthcare equipment such as therapy systems, medical linear accelerators, simulator systems, and resuscitation equipment.
  • Remote patient diagnosis.
  • On-line monitoring of the patient condition.
  • Patient alarm notification.

Sena Products

Parani-SD100, Parani-ESD100, Parani-ESD110, Parani-SD200, Parani-ESD200, Parani-ESD210, Parani-MSP100, Parani-MSP1000A, Parani-MSP1000B, Parani-MSP1000C, LS100, LS110, PS110, PS200, PS410, PS810, SS100, SS110, SS400, SS800, STS800, STS1600, Nemo10


  • Reduce maintenance costs through remote monitoring and management.
  • Increase flexibility and performance.
  • Considerable cost-reduction by utilizing the shared network instead of Point-To-Point connection.
  • Reduce cabling.
  • Bluetooth Serial products eliminate RS-232 Serial cables and features transmit distance of up to 1 kilometer.

Virtually all medium-size and large organizations already have LANs. By connecting healthcare equipment to Sena’s serial-ethernet converter, healthcare providers can take advantage of existing Ethernet equipment and cabling without reconfiguring the physical plant.

Sena’s extensive experience in providing cost-effective and flexible network-enabling solutions to the medical automation industry enables healthcare providers to Streamline business management operations while diminishing the use of legacy paper-based systems.

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