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Remote Console Management of the DSU/CSU

Customer: Korea Telecom

Korea Telecom is a Korean market leader providing network and telecommunication services.
Their business area ranges from telephone services
to the Internet, satellite communications to IDC
(Internet Data Center) and various e-business areas

Target Device: CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit)

A CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit) is a hardware device (about the size of an external modem) that converts a digital data frame from the communications technology used on a local area network (LAN) into a frame appropriate to a wide-area network (WAN) and vice versa. A CSU/DSU’s Data Terminal Equipment interface is usually compatible with the RS-232C or similar serial interface


Numerous CSU/DSU’s are usually installed in the telephone offices according to the size of its network coverage. Originally, these equipments were connected to the serial port of the PC for management. Since the central telephone management office had to manage the equipments by way of PCs, management hierarchies had been a little complex. Moreover, only a few devices are connected to PC in the real environment. If there happen emergency situations, the administrators hook the console cable between the PC and the devices which have problem.
For easy installation, cost-savings, simplicity and efficiency in the management, KT decided to establish a direct management system over the equipments through the TCP/IP network using Console management solution, the VTS instead of existing systems based on PCs and serial multi-port cards.

The original CSU/DSU’s management system is based on PCs and multi-port serial communication cards, and it has been switched to a direct management system based on the TCP/IP network, which was already established over the telephone offices. As a result, the central management office can directly manage the onsite equipments in each telephone office, and the equipments automatically transfer the corresponding message to the central server if any exceptions occur.

Products: STS800, STS1600


The original management system could control and monitor the onsite CSU/DSU’s from the PCs on the local site. In the new system, any PC in the network including the central management office and other telephone offices, can access the equipments directly with administrator-level authentication. The system becomes simpler by using the VTS in the port density point of view. As a result, it enables the administrator to manage directly, efficiently, simply and flexibly over the equipments with assistance from the database system.

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