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The rapid development of network and telecommunication technologies have changed the related infrastructure to put more emphasis on efficiency and expandability through such traits as high availability, scalability, downsizing, clustering, server farms, distributing systems, etc.

As a result, computing systems of established computers have become light-weighted with increased focus on flexibility, while the overall system composed of servers, routers, bridges, media converters, switches, hubs and other backbone devices have become much more complex.

The number and hierarchy of the devices that need to be managed have also increased rapidly. Thus, a more systematic approach in solving the problems such as network crash or device down is required.

Utilizing various TCP/IP network paths such as ADSL, cable, modem or wireless LAN to manage console ports of various equipments used in the IT/Telco industry, Sena is providing a range of solutions to manage various IT/Telco equipments through remote access. In-band management using an intranet, as well as out-of-band management methods using Internet, telephone modems are also provided.

Application Area

  • Remote management of the IT/Telco equipments
  • Management of various equipments in IDC (Internet Data Center)
  • Management of co-location equipments

Sena Products:

LS100, LS110, PS110, PS200, PS410, PS810, SS100, SS110, SS400, SS800, STS800, STS1600


  • Reducing network down-time
  • Systematic management using Database system
  • Reducing labor cost due to remote management
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