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Sistemi di Acquisizioni Dati

Industrial Refrigeration plant Data Acquisition system

Target Device: Sensors in an Industrial Refrigeration plant

Grenco’s Industrial refrigeration plant collects sensor data, display on the SCADA system and makes it available in a central location for subsequent processing.

Industrial Refrigeration plant


In the past, sensor data from refrigeration plant has taken the form of manual operations and transfer to the local station via RS232 serial lines. This approach limits the capability and efficiency of refrigeration plant data acquisition system, since it is required to build the cable lines and manual operations require the expertise.

Therefore, customer has decided to monitor all SCADA system parameters and communicate Modbus RTU to a GRENCO gateway through network.

In the new system, Grenco communicates via a PLC (Modbus TCP) to the IALink100-Modbus, then from the IALink100-Modbus customer communicates Modbus RTU to a GRENCO gateway, which in turn communicates to their sensors in a Refrigeration plant. Now, Grenco reads parameters such as temperatures, pressures, set points of multiple compressors and displays on a SCADA system via the IALink100-Modbus.

System Diagram

Sena Products



The IALink100-Modbus enables Modbus-based devices at Industrial Refrigeration plant to be easily connected to Ethernet using industry standard Modbus/TCP protocol. In addition, parameters can be recorded, and uploaded to the Grenco’s gateway server through the network.

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