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PLC su Internet

Remote Management of PLC over Internet

Target Device: PLC in a Power plant management system

A programmable logic controller also called a PLC, is a computer-type device used to control equipment in an
industrial facility. Typically, PLC consists of Input ports, Processor and Output ports. The input/output (I/O) system is the section of a PLC to which all the industrial devices are connected via serial port.

Driven by manufacturing’s desire to connect the factory floor with the rest of the enterprise, PLCs connected to Ethernet enablers are giving users new ways to view and control factory data using MODBUS supported protocols.

PLC in a Power plant management system


Earlier PLC had been managed using serial lines via its RS232 serial port. The limitations in this system are lengthy cabling, inconvenience, and higher maintenance cost.

As a result of growing trends in Ethernet infrastructure and, to help simplify data transfer among the industrial devices over the network, Sena has extended its serial-Ethernet device server products for the industrial applications.

Introduced under the umbrella name ‘IALink’ the new industrial device server can be used to manage the industrial devices such as PLC’s over the network.

Sena Products



The industrial and commercial worlds are moving rapidly towards Ethernet as the primary network for sharing information among all parts of the enterprise. By adding Ethernet connectivity to the PLC, IALink made it easier to gain actionable information from industrial equipment to improve operating performance.

Compared to other traditional PLC’s and controllers on the market, the network-enabled system has several distinct advantages over other systems we’ve used during the past 20 years.

  • Lengthy cabling can be avoided
  • Convenient access to the factory floor equipment
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Remote management

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