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Factory Work Program Download

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Hyundai Heavy Industries is one of the market leaders in the heavy industry. Their product line ranges from shipbuilding, engines, plant to various industrial electronic systems.

Target System : Industrial Robot

For simple, repetitive, and dangerous tasks in manufacturing automation, various industrial robots have been widely used in the factory floor in machine, electronics and chemical industries.

Hyundai Industrial Robot


There are multiple industrial robots operating in production lines for assembly and welding, the controller of which has a serial console port for work program downloads. In the factory floor, the robots are managed using PCs directly connected to the serial console port of the robot controller, and the work program is also downloaded to the robots through this connection. As a result, multiple PCs are required for the management of multiple robots and accordingly the situation prohibits efficient and systematic management due to the additional management layer from the PCs. Therefore, they decided to move to an Ethernet-based system in which the robot operation is directly managed from the central office through an Ethernet network and the work program is downloaded as such.

System Diagram

Previous System

New System

Sena Products: HelloDevice1300


The original management system could control and monitor the onsite robot system from PCs on the local site. In the new system, any computers on the network including the central management office can manage the robots directly. As a result, it enables the production manager to download the work program directly to multiple robots simultaneously through the TCP/IP network, to make the whole system more efficient and flexible with the assistance of the database system.

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