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Acquisizione Dati Sensori di Temperatura

Remotizzazione e management di dispositivi di acquisizione dati


Data Acquisition Sensor Manufacturer


In some application, accurate data acquisition can mean life or death. Past solutions required the use of a local computer with multiple serial ports, and serial cables, which would restrict the distance to which data could be monitored.

By making use of any one of Sena Technologies serial device servers, you will be able to network enable your data acquisition devices, and be able to remotely take readings quickly, and be able to provide information in real time without having to be within the vicinity of the device.


LS100, LS110, PS110, PS200, PS410, PS810, SS100, SS110, SS400, SS800


  • Low-Cost solutions allowing you to network enable your devices.
  • Flexibility to remotely monitor and control data acquisition devices.
  • Easy access and quick device configuration of the HelloDevice, by way of a Web Browser, telnet.
  • With the use of Serial/IP COM port redirection software, allows users to network enable existing COM port based software.
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