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Gas Leakage Detection

Gas Leakage Detection System

Samsung Electronics

Samsung electronics is a global market leader in major electronic products including semiconductors, LCD, handsets, and computers

Target Device : Gas Leakage Detection System

Based on RS485 communication lines, the system is designed to detect gas leakage in factory buildings. It is composed of gas detection sensors, a controller which collects and transfers the sensor data, and a central management server system.


In the current gas detection system, all connections between the sensors, controller and the server is based on RS485. There is limited flexibility in the RS485-based system, since it requires the re-building of cable lines when adding additional controllers or when moving exiting ones. Therefore, they decided to connect the sensors directly to the Ethernet network, which was already built in the buildings. By installing the HelloDevice between the sensors and the management server instead of the existing controller unit, the whole communication process could be done through the TCP/IP network.

System Diagram

Previous Systems

New Systems

Sena Products

PS410, PS810


In the old system, reconstructing whole RS485 lines was required to move or add units, since RS485 is based on one-to-one communication system among units. It was also inefficient, since an additional RS485 layer other than the Ethernet was involved in building the whole system, making it difficult to connect to the existing Ethernet-based business system. In the new system, the communication layer is integrated into the TCP/IP and Ethernet between the sensor modules and the management system, making the whole system simpler, more homogeneous, and more efficient. As a result, it enables the system integrators to build the sensor monitoring system with minimum costs by using the existing Ethernet network in the building, making the whole system more manageable, more efficient and flexible by connecting them to the Database-based business system. Since the HelloDevices are connected to the existing units by pair-connection method, the users do not have to change the existing environment including monitoring software and sensors.

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