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Access Control System


DreamMirhs product lines are various automation systems used for attendance record management, access control, parking systems and factory automation systems

Target Device: Access Control System

It is a controller to recognize registered fingerprints and to control the access based on those data, which is installed on the entrance doors or passages to various facilities such as office, factory and show room. It is composed of several modules for fingerprint recognition, key input and serial communication.

DreamMirh Access Controller


The current access control system is composed of a door access controller and the access management server computer, and both parties are connected through RS422. There is a flexibility limitation in the RS422-based system, since it is required to re-build the whole cable lines when adding additional controllers or moving exiting ones. Therefore, they decided to connect the access controller to the Ethernet network, which was already built in the buildings. By embedding the HelloDevice into the controller, it can communicate with the access management server through TCP/IP network.

System Diagram

Previous System

New System

Sena Products



In the old system, reconstructing whole RS422 lines to move or add units was required, since RS422 is based on one-to-one communication between each unit. It was also inefficient, since an additional RS422 layer other than Ethernet is involved in building the whole system, making it difficult to connect to the existing Ethernet-based business system. In the new system, the communication layer is integrated into the TCP/IP and Ethernet between the access controller and the management system, making the whole system seem simpler, more homogeneous and more efficient. As a result, it enables the system integrators to build the access control system with minimum cost by using the existing Ethernet network in the building, making the whole system manageable, more efficient, and flexible by connecting them to the Database-based business system.

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